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Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
restaurant opened up in 1993 with the goal of serving healthcare fast food. the vision grew as the company expanded nationwide and is summed up in its motto, who with integrity, which is promoted in videos like this one. in 1993 with>> we want to celebs idea of the russian people and feeding them great food. >> it is about culturcelebrating relationships. >> the farmers are the stars. >> it is our farmers and chess that are working so hard to make sure that the food tastes great. >> they know where their food comes from. >> we are putting all our emphasis on ingredients. that is what differentiates us from everyone else. >> despite their commitment from serving food that is produced in a humane manner, the company has yet to have rules on those that work for them. on tuesday, local supporters joined a group for a protest outside of chipotle's denver headquarters, calling on it and other major fast-food chains who signed on to the program. this weekend, they will be targeting a festival in denver promoted by chipotle, and features music, food, chefs, and no farm workers. we are plea
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
is with the vast majority of americans said they wanted during the healthcare debate. there were some 70% of people are more and majority of doctors saying, we want a single pair medicare for all system. president obama and his compatriots there were colluding with the insurance companies would not even let the single payer medicare for all proposal see the light of day. the president folded even on the idea of a public auction. it was an enormous betrayal of the public interest so that they could please the for-profit insurance companies that has such a stranglehold on our congress and now on the white house. >> dr. jill stein, this is your profession, health care. >> that's right, it's my profession read this is where i live. i live in the state of massachusetts. i have seen the affordable care act. we also call it romneycare or obamacare, take your pick. we have seen their rollout. what we have seen is the affordable care act actually in the flesh is neither affordable nor caring, because in fact, it provides stripped-down plans which are fairly expensive unless you are in a v
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
healthcare. we lose sight of that every time to talk about this. i think it is important the acknowledge this is larger than just an american problem. >> i want to add something to what you just talked about, specifically when it comes to the conduct of soldiers when they come home. there is a percentage of soldiers who engage in various activities that the military levels as misconduct, such as alcohol related offenses, drinking, substance abuse, drug- related offenses. those are misconduct in the military. so the process of helping those who come home and need help and appropriate care should not be confused with diminishing or degrading the system of accountability within the military. the military heavily depends on what is commonly referred to as the good order and discipline of the military. all of us in my field where we work, i acknowledge -- where i work, we of knowledge that. someone who is not able to receive the proper inappropriate treatment or individually tailored treatment they need, they resort to things like self medicating. the science has proven, research has proven this i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3